Laramascoto en la New Media Gallery, Canadá.


Laramascoto presenta «Animalium» en Vancouver formando parte del proyecto «Germinal», comisariado por Sarah Joyce y Gordon Duggan para la New Media Gallery. Esta exposición, que podrá verse desde el 8 de abril hasta el 5 de junio, esta formada también por los colectivos: Hironako & Suib con «The Soft Epic, or; Savages of the Pacific West» y Suhee Kim & Oliver Smith con «Hybrid Words».















Germinal refers to the earliest stage of development. Seeds are a good example. The early stages of language growth are germinal. From every germinal moment comes the potential to grow and become hybrid.

This exhibition pulls together 3 installations by 6 artists. The works incorporate hybrid creatures, hybrid words & hybrid languages. Interestingly all the works are created by artists who work in partnerships.

A hybrid has the characteristics of two individuals with the potential for internal conflict and increased capabilities. Hybrid words & languages can be seen as deceptive or difficult to control. Stories of hybrid heroes abound ; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Hulk, super heroes & super villains who experience their duality as both a conflict and a gift. We see hybrid cars, hybrid transplants, hybrid bacteria and hybrid cultural dualities. Sometimes viewed as positive, at other times threatening.

The hybrid creature pre-dates writing. The first image we have is in the Chauvet cave. The Sorcerer Rock shows a drawing of a human-becoming-bison. It is a powerful symbol. Our past is awash with hybrid bodies; fantastical creatures demonstrating the formative power of imagination. Hybrid creatures have always had great popular appeal. At the same time they faced intense criticism from controlling hierarchies. Historical discussion raged on the need to subdue the image of the hybrid and so control artistic expression. Artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo weighed in on the debate. Over time the discussion changed from a focus on the bodies of imaginary beings to a more expansive idea of hybridity connected with metaphor, dreams, psychologies and challenging the limits of artistic imagination. These early debates changed the role of the artist and how we understand art today.

12973459_869862366456154_6017900723277681211_o.jpg«The Soft Epic, or; Savages of the Pacific West» Hironako & Suib 


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